3 reasons why you should hire a content writer

Somene typing on a Macbook on a rount desk.

Whether for blog posts, web pages, or social media accounts, content creation has become a mandatory part of doing business. Consumers are accustomed to successful entities having a strong online presence, and any company that neglects to meet its content creation obligations fades from memory.

Did you know businesses that blog receive 55% more traffic? That’s worth remembering when you consider your content creation goals—and quality is crucial. If you long to carve out your own place in cyberspace, hiring a professional content writer is non-negotiable.

1. Quality blog posts

While most business owners know that developing an online presence is necessary, many fail to produce content. Sure, a slick and personalised page can help clients know the who, where, and what of your company, but you could achieve the same results with a business directory account. If you’ve taken the time and effort to build a website but fail to blog, you’re neglecting a valuable marketing tool.

The benefits of blogging are undeniable. Informative, well-written articles can:

  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Increase search rankings
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Build consumer confidence
  • Provide content for social media

A good writer can help you meet your content creation goals. Informative blog posts are an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, and answering your audience’s questions with well-written articles builds consumer confidence.

Additionally, an active website with consistent content and traffic appears authoritative in the eyes of search engines, which can boost your ranking. On top of that, having quality content to share on social media gives people a reason to follow your pages.

As you can see, blogging serves many purposes, and a good content writer gets results.

2. Web content that shines

Many businesses put time, money, and effort into designing slick and functional websites but stop short of hiring a qualified content writer. While most of us can string a sentence or two together, not everyone is a trained wordsmith, and often a business’s written material lacks flair.

Certainly, you could engage the services of a cheap content mill, have your web designer write the material, or handle the words yourself, but a qualified writer will produce superior work. Well-written, engaging web content can:

  • Capture your audience’s attention
  • Legitimise your business
  • Effectively convey important information
  • Improve the quality of your website
  • Boost positive public perception

When the words seem like an afterthought, consumers catch on and seek quality elsewhere. Produce top-notch web content, and your audience will reward you with their precious attention.

3. Social media and email marketing campaigns

While photos and videos are effective marketing tools, we don’t only speak in emojis—yet—so words are still important. A striking phrase in a social media post or in the subject line of an email can arrest your audience’s attention and get your business noticed. But the words don’t stop there.

A promotional email must be relevant, concise, and flavourful. A competent content writer crafts words that resonate and ensures that your emails meet eyes and not trash cans.

When it comes to social media, posts should be clear, concise, and contagious. A crafty content creator makes your message obvious, does so in few words, and produces material that’s downright virulent.

Hire a Hervey Bay content writer

Words are a crucial piece of the content creation puzzle, and hiring a qualified writer will ensure that your business produces top-tier material every time.

You wouldn’t—or shouldn’t—hire amateurs to complete other important tasks, so don’t neglect the words. Contact me to hire a professional content writer.