2 top tips to help you meet your content creation goals

Hands holding a pen and writing in a notebook on a desk with coffee and a half eaten croissant.

Running a business takes time and effort, and, as our workloads increase, we may neglect certain aspects of the job. Some things will always seem more important than others, which can help fuel our procrastination. However, certain tasks that may offer no immediate rewards, such as posting fresh and informative content, are crucial to long-term success.

Personally, I find it difficult to maintain a consistent output on my blog when I’ve got paying jobs begging for completion. Even so, I’m yet to miss a weekly post. I’ve developed a strategy to ensure I’m always producing new content, and I’m going to share my two top tips with you.

1. Treat content writing like a mandatory part of your job

Whatever your industry, when a client offers work, you likely want to complete the project as soon as possible. Certain tasks, however, take precedent over others. For example, you wouldn’t—or shouldn’t—sacrifice doing a crucial stock order to finish a job an hour earlier. And you wouldn’t—or shouldn’t—pay your employees a day late because you were preoccupied with another task.

Naturally, exceptions do exist, but we generally prioritise in a way that ensures the most important jobs get done first. Therefore, if you want to meet your content creation goals, you must treat all related tasks as a mandatory part of your role. Like ordering stock or paying wages, producing a new blog article or social media post on schedule should be non-negotiable.

2. Write content in advance

Some weeks are busier than others, and taking the time to produce content ahead of schedule can help you maintain a consistent output. Success comes from using each moment well and snatching small pockets of time when you can. Occasionally, you’ll need to make sacrifices to meet your goals, but you may have more spare time than you think.

For example, you could brainstorm content ideas while you’re eating lunch, driving somewhere, or performing another menial task. Granted, finding time to write can be difficult, and you may need to sacrifice recreational activities to meet your obligations. However, if you set clear, achievable goals, a little discipline will help you meet them.

3. Hire a professional content writer (bonus)

Not everyone enjoys writing, and convincing yourself to sit down and hit the page is difficult when other obligations are stacking up around you. If I were in another industry, I’d consider hiring a content writer so I could focus on doing what I do best. But writing is what I do best, so I’m destined to produce my own content.

You, however, may not be in the business of words. If that’s the case, hiring a qualified writer is a great way to ensure you meet your content creation goals. Contact me to discuss your needs, and I’ll handle the words while you do what you do best.