Hire a freelance writer in Hervey Bay or on the Fraser Coast

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The Fraser Coast is a hub of thriving local businesses, and, in the age of the internet, the most successful endeavours cultivate a strong online presence. Active social media accounts, compelling content, and an attractive website are now mandatory tools of the trade. Naturally, forging a memorable online identity also requires creativity and great writing.

While many businesses engage the services of a marketing team, not all marketers are trained writers, and they often outsource the words. I’ve written content for marketing firms in Australia who prefer to focus on strategy rather than the actual writing, which is fine. We should all play to our strengths.

When hiring a writer on the Fraser Coast, you have several viable options. I’m aware that anyone reading this has already found me, a Hervey Bay freelance writer; however, I want to discuss other routes a business might take.

Copywriting, content writing, or freelance platforms

Searching online for a local writer or copywriter will likely place several popular websites before you. Platforms vary in the ways they recruit talent, calculate rates, and deliver content, and a service that fits one business may not be ideal for another. Online platforms have a place and purpose. They generally offer cheap rates, rapid production, and acceptable quality, and writer rating systems can help separate the good from the ugly.

However, these places are more proving grounds for upcoming writers than scenes where experienced content creators spend the bulk of their time. I’m not suggesting competent writers don’t populate online platforms, but most professionals eventually outgrow these environments.

Social media

Social media has rapidly become the backbone of the internet. Many businesses skip creating a website altogether to focus on building their online presence through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When it comes to finding professionals for any job, LinkedIn is where you want to be. A quick search with the correct keywords produces a list of members that best matches your query, and profiles showcase work experience, qualifications, and other important information to help you sift through candidates. Social media is a good place to start when you’re not sure where else to look.

You’ve already found a Hervey Bay freelance writer

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I have experience writing everything from professional copy to more casual works of fact and fiction, and I enjoy finding creative solutions to difficult problems. Does your business need well written content? Contact me with your project proposal.