Creative writers produce quality content

Hands holding a lit light bulb.

Writers come in many different flavours, including copywriter, screenwriter, poet, novelist, journalist, and more. One thing they all have in common is creativity. While the amount of imagination required for each style varies, putting words on paper is always a creative endeavour.

At university, I majored in creative and critical writing. The creative part often meant producing imaginative works of fiction, while the critical aspect involved deep analysis and well researched essays. The ability to think and write critically is an invaluable skill. Here, however, I want to discuss creativity and the benefits of choosing a freelance writer who also practices fiction.

Creative writers produce imaginative solutions to difficult problems

New projects are often puzzles that require solving, and the correct solutions rarely involve mindless keyboard slapping. Creative writers are accustomed to thinking outside the lines and colouring out of the box. I believe everyone is capable of deep imagination, but creativity is a muscle that demands regular exercise.

When writing fiction, I frequently place characters in impossible situations and force myself to formulate solutions. Outwardly, this masochistic practice creates moments of tension and helps form a more compelling narrative. Additionally, solving impossible problems in fiction trains that creativity muscle for reality. I’m yet to receive a brief as daunting as the situations I’ve had to deal with in my stories. However, when I do finally meet that impossible project, my creative biceps will be pumped up and ready for the challenge.

Writing fiction trains versatility

Fiction writers must adopt a state of mind bordering controlled schizophrenia. A single novel can contain hundreds of unique characters, and an author must inhabit the minds and lives of multiple imaginary people.

Writers also create worlds, each new setting a host to different rules, customs, and inhabitants. Fiction requires great doses of imagination, and each story demands a unique setting, distinct tone, and compelling cast.

When I do undertake real-world projects, I view each business as a character with untold potential. You shouldn’t let the stories of others dictate your identity, nor should you allow your company to accept the role of a flat background character. Creativity, words, and the signal of social media allow anyone to present a unique voice. Successful businesses exude personality, and the right words can help forge an unforgettable identity.

Hire a creative content writer

Each business is as unique as the people who create it. Some companies, however, fail to develop a distinctive voice, condemning themselves to the uninspiring supporting cast. Creativity is critical to success, and engaging the services of a creative writer is the key to crafting a memorable identity.

I can help give your business the compelling character it deserves. Although based in Hervey Bay on the Fraser Coast, I service clients Australia wide. Contact me with any questions or project proposals.