3 advantages of hiring a qualified freelance writer

University graduate dabbing while holding a degree and mortarboard. Graduate is dressed in red.

In the age of the internet, cultivating a strong online presence is mandatory for any business, and well written content is critical to success. While anyone can put words on a page, a trained writer knows how to make sentences sing, messages ring clear, and content resonate with readers.

Most of us can arrange words in a way that conveys our intended meaning. We do, after all, learn how to write at a young age, but not all writers are forged the same. With any skill, those who dedicate great time and effort to the learning process have a clear advantage over others.

You should always hire trained professionals for important jobs, and there are several reasons why engaging the services of a qualified writer is advantageous.

1. Qualified writers know good writing

Many of us intuitively write well enough. Sentences make sense, are easy to read, and may even have some flair. However, writing well enough isn’t going to produce top-notch content, and many untrained writers make common, and often jarring, mistakes.

At university, students arrive with a bundle of bad habits the instructors must methodically beat out of them. The beating is figurative and takes the form of constructive feedback. No writer escapes criticism, and those who write well enough realise it’s far from good enough. Anyone studying creative and critical writing soon learns how to take criticism, integrate feedback, and eradicate bad habits.

Writers who skip university often hold on to their bad habits like a cherished old hat that’s worn, ugly, and distracting to those forced to gaze upon it. An unschooled writer can produce passable content, but bad habits always stand out to the discerning eye.

Competent self-taught writers do exist. However, the good ones work hard at their craft and learn to identify and avoid common issues. Plenty of published content from working creators showcases habits that wouldn’t have survived the first year of university. Common errors include:

  • Poor grammar
  • Incorrect punctuation
  • Clumsy phrasing
  • Unvaried sentence structures
  • Redundant words
  • Reliance on clichés

Experienced writers aren’t immune to these mistakes, but obvious errors rarely persist to the final draft. When trained professionals break the rules, they generally do so with intent. Shunning convention may be necessary to produce a desired effect. Nonetheless, a qualified writer knows the difference between well written content and passable material and will never settle for the latter.

2. Qualified writers are adaptable and disciplined

A formally educated writer knows how to follow instructions, balance commitments, and adhere to strict deadlines. University assignments often involve complex guidelines, unfamiliar or bland subjects, and strict word counts. Students unable to adapt to the requirements of a given course don’t last long.

Not all copywriting gigs are exciting, but trained writers know how to discuss any subject with enthusiasm. The duller assignments at university teach us to direct our passion into the writing, even if the topic doesn’t thrill us. Whether discussing carnivals or septic tanks, a qualified copywriter knows how to make every job seem interesting, and that mindset flows into the work.

When hiring a freelance writer, the ideal choice is someone who can write well, follow instructions, take criticism, and meet deadlines. A formal degree is proof of these qualities. Anyone who couldn’t adhere to strict requirements wouldn’t have survived university. As implied, a degree doesn’t simply demonstrate proficiency in a specific field of study but also in the skills needed to obtain the qualification.

3. Qualified writers are expert researchers

More often than not, a copywriter needs to research an unfamiliar topic and discuss the subject with authority. Rigorous research is crucial to creating content that has utility, integrity, and the ability to build consumer confidence. University forges diligent researchers, and strict rules surrounding sourcing and referencing means an educated writer knows how to produce incontestable material.

Research has become simpler since the birth of the internet, and anyone can study almost any topic. Misinformation, however, is rife, and seemingly legitimate outlets can dispense inaccuracies. Fortunately, a seasoned researcher knows how to analyse information and identify reliable sources.

Good prose is important, but words lose their impact if the facts behind them lack substance. The most robust content rests on a foundation of rigorous research. Any business seeking to build consumer confidence should ensure its content writer is an experienced academic.  

Hire a professional freelance writer

Successful businesses don’t skimp on quality, and they certainly don’t settle for substandard workmanship. A serious restaurant wouldn’t hire amateurs to fit out a kitchen; a successful gym isn’t populated with inferior equipment, and most people understand the need for a well designed website. Qualified professionals achieve superior results.

Whether you’re in Hervey Bay, on the Fraser Coast, or anywhere else, exceptional content requires expert writing. Now’s the time to engage the services of a qualified freelance writer.